Megan J. Robinson

Chief Role Model

Who we are is not who we have to be.

Everything is broken.In politics, religion, business, and society, we see failure after failure: of leaders, organizations, systems, and narratives.We look around for people we respect, people who seem trustworthy, gracious: the best kind of human being.And we wonder where they are.We're not sure what stories to believe about ourselves or about the world. We don't know who to trust, or even why we should trust anyone.We're frustrated, disillusioned, and burned out. Everything we knew or trusted is devolving and deconstructing more every day.The more we look, the less we seem to find.

It's time to become the kind of people we want to admire.

We have a unique core identity, a self that exists beyond a job, TikTok, or the latest trend. But that self requires attention, effort, and care in order to become its fullest expression: our character.Our identity is permanent; our character can be transformed.But, we're too distracted by social media, by toxicity, by busyness, by disappointment and discouragement to attend to that self. We have no idea how to shape our own character.In order to connect with our self, with the person we want to become and admire, we need equipment for living.We need to seek out, and become, role models: those people who help us answer the question, “Who do I want to become? What’s possible?”

I’m Megan J. Robinson, a guide and leader with eight years’ experience in leading diverse, creative, and purpose-focused teams.

Over the past 23 years, I've developed my skills in deep listening, systems design, and relational leadership through launching creative communities and from working in faith communities and higher education. I endeavor to create spaces of trust and hopefulness that encourage each of us to explore questions of meaning, purpose, and significance.My leadership style has been heralded as generous, exploratory, and energizing: I create opportunities for people to thrive, and their growth and work follows.I’m here to shape imaginations for a new way of being human in the twenty-first century by recovering personal virtues of hopefulness, courage, perseverance, and wisdom.

I'm here to help each of us become the role model we've always wanted.

If you’re struggling with…

- Experiencing a blockage of ideas & thoughts with no way to express them
- Feeling lost and without a blueprint for a fulfilling, satisfying life or work
- Sensing a vague, persistent anxiety shaping your options and decisions
- Leading and building in a world of constant change and uncertainty
- Lacking models of living and flourishing that you want to emulate
It's hard to know how to start listening to your life. And it can feel really lonely. It helps to have a guide.That’s why I founded R21.5 Coaching.I offer one-on-one sessions in personal coaching, as well as strategic development for your business or program. Together, we identify and disrupt old habits and stories that no longer serve, while expanding your field of vision to explore new approaches, outlooks, and tools for doing your most meaningful work in the world.I also offer workshops for business, ministry, or team leaders, student groups, and more.If this resonates with you, and you’re curious to learn more, submit an inquiry or schedule a free chat.